priviabillpay – How to Pay Bill online on patient portal

myPrivia Patient Portal is an online bill payment portal for online payment of medical bills. If your doctor/hospital accepts payment through this portal then you can easily use this portal to make bill payments online. In this article, we have provided information about this website and the process of making payments step by step.

Characteristics Of myPrivia Patient Portal

In this era, digital services are growing day by day most of the sales and services have become online therefore, most people want to avail of digital services and payment methods.

It is one of the most preferred portals for the patients and their caretakers to pay the medical bill, booking of an appointment, requesting for prescription, test result, etc. These digital services provided by are a fast and secure way. When a patient got treated or admitted to a hospital no need to worry about to go payment counter and waiting his/her turn after a very long time.

This portal is designed for patient help like he/she can book an appointment with the doctor, can see their test result, and request for a prescription. You can do all things from your home by sitting on a chair and without going to the hospital. On the other hand, this is a smarter way to care about health with a fingertip. If you on and use it then you are a hassle-free about your health risk, your health care your future. Yes, it can happen within a minute and on a fingertip. If you worry about your health or you are ill then use from today onwards.

Now your question is “how to pay medical bill online using”, so you have to register your account on this portal. After that, you will be able to pay your bill on this portal. Here, we have provided the process of registration. You can simply follow the steps to register your account on this online portal.

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Process of Account Registration On myPrivia Patient Portal

Your account will be successfully created on this portal.


Pay Your Medical Bills Using myPrivia Patient Portal

It is very easy to pay bills using myPrivia patient portal because here we have provided the steps by which you can easily pay your bill.

  • Just go to the official website. You have to enter the link on the address bar of your browser.
  •  After landing on the official website, you have to enter statement id, quick pay code, or the access code. You can enter any one of them.’
  •  Click on the “make payment” option, for making an onetime payment.
  •  After clicking on “make payment”, you will be landed on the page where you will be able to see your current charges.
  •  Select the charge, which you want to pay, and confirm that you are agreeing to the term and conditions of this portal.
  •  After agreeing to the term and conditions, you have to click on the “make a payment” button.
  •  After that, you will be asked to enter payment information. Provide all the information to pay your bill successfully.

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Have You Forgotten Your myPrivia Patient Portal?

No need to worry about that because we have given the steps by which you can easily reset your password. Just follow the steps given below, and make your process of password resetting successful.

  •  You can directly land on the password recovery page by following this link:
  •  Enter your email address.
  •  Click on the button below.
  •  You will receive an email, follow the instruction, and reset your password successfully.

We hope that you got the details about “how to pay online using priviabillpay portal”. If you have any other query related to this portal then don’t hesitate to ask through the comment box.

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