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Peryourhealth is an online way through which you can actually access your account anytime anywhere. With the account, you can pay your bills, check your statements, request balance transfers and much more. The portal also provides the facility to notify you of all the important information through account alerts. You will have to activate your account alert to receive a notification whenever your payment is coming due, whenever the amount credited/debited etc. To login to your account, you must have entered the account number and password.

This online payment method is very easy and efficient as compared to manual payment. You can avoid standing in long queues. All you have to do is just log on to the PerYourHealth site and then easily pay bills online in a few minutes. Below, we have provided a detailed login guide with payment processing. Check PerYourHealth’s requirements and login instructions in detail.

Peryourhealth Bill

If you have recently visited any place associated with BBB and want to pay the bill. Customers can pay online health care bills with an account number or the customer’s registered user ID. To pay your invoice bill you will need to provide a number per Health which is located on the billing statement. You have to register an account to pay the bills. You can log in with your invoice account number. This is generated when generating billing invoices.

To register a new account, you must have an email address and a valid mobile number. If you have an account and have forgotten your password, there is an option to recover your password. The best part of account access is that certain policies have been followed to keep the information safe and secure. Here I am going to provide complete information to enter your online account and pay the bill.

Benefits of Peryourhealth

  1. You can dial 888-442-8447 to make payments over the phone.
  2. The portal member can be accessed anywhere through a computer or any smart device that has an Internet connection.
  3. Recurring payments can also be set up through this service.
  4. Online payments are quick and easy.
  5. You can pay your medical bills online from anywhere with just a few clicks.
  6. By using this you can check your due balance.
  7. You can schedule to pay the bills automatically.
  8. Payments can be done fast and securely.

Registration PerYourHealth

  • Visit the official website of PerYourHealth i.e.
  • First of all, make sure that your health care provider accepts PayYourHealth services.
  • Enter the account number which you can easily get from your billing statement.
  • Then, click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the required details such as your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • And then, click on the Register option to create your own account on PerYourHealth.
  • Finally, you will receive the Registered User ID and Password.


Login at

  • You need Peryourealth official site. You can find the official site here.
  • On the homepage, you can find information about the account login.
  • You can log into your account using your account number.
  • Now enter your ID in the input box and then click on the Continue button to proceed.
  • Once you proceed, you will get another screen to fill more details like a password.
  • Now enter the password and click on the “submit” button.
  • If your account ID and password are correct, you can log into your health account, and you can check your bills and pay them online as well.

Forgot your registered user id?

  • Dear customer if you are unable to access your Peryourhealth account due to lost personal id.
  • Please click on “Forgot Personal id” which will be below the “Continue” button or use the link to retrieve your
    personal id.
  • A page will be promoted to a new page.
  • If you have previously registered a user account on PerYourHealth, but have forgotten the user id, you may
    enter your billing account number here to recover the user id.
  • An email will be sent to the address you registered with, containing the user id.

note: If you have not previously registered a PerYourHealth user account, you must use the billing account id
and access key printed on your billing statement to log in to PerYourHealth, or call the customer service
number on your statement.

Customer Support Contact Details

  • Customer Service Number: (855) 853-724
  • Office Address: PerYourHealth, 7234 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136
  • Official website:
  • To recover the lost User ID:
  • http//
  • For any issues, please feel free to contact on-
  • 612-672-6724 or 1-888-702-4073 to get your issues resolved.

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