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 My IU Health Portal ( may be very useful to you if you avail of its service. If you are a patient and facing problems in scheduling a doctor’s appointment and making a medical payment. In this post, we have provided some details about this portal and some other basic process which will help you to register your account on this portal, make a payment, etc. If you want to know well about this portal, its services, and all the useful processes, you should read this post completely.

Initially, you should know a little bit about this portal.

What’s The Role Of MyIUHealth Between You And Your Provider?

MyIUHealth is an online portal or tool to manage your healthcare; it provides various healthcare-related facilities. If you want to care about your health without disturbing your job or your precious time then you can opt for this online healthcare portal. If you use this portal to manage your health-related issues then you will absolutely manage and save your time and energy.

It allows you to select your healthcare provider, you can easily select the provider as per your choice and also can send them messages as per your healthcare concern from anywhere anytime by access to your online account on this portal. It easy to use user interface allows requesting prescription. If you need to see your lab results then easily you can view your lab results. If your account has on this portal, then you can also check your due amount, bill summary, or details and make a secure payment through its online portal.


Name of the portalMy IU Health
ServiceHealthcare Management online
Customer Support317.963.1661



Fund Your Provider

Making online payment through My IU Health is an easy task and there are two ways to pay your bill online through this portal securely, just follow the simple payment processing instructions are listed below.

Pay through its billing Services:

  • Go to its official website.
  • After visiting on the official website, log in (if you do not have an account creates your account first).
  • Then after successful login, Click on the “Bill Pay” Tab.
  • And then Click to “Make a Payment”.
  • The complete payment process by filling up the required details. To complete the payment process.

Pay through its Quick Pay service:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Then click to the “Quick Pay” button.
  • A new page will appear, here enter the account number and payment.
  • The account number you can find on the statement in the upper right corner.
  • Get ready with your credit/debit card and follow further instructions to pay bills online.

Join MyIUHealth

If you want to avail of its benefit so, you have to create your account because when creating your account then you can log in on this portal, Account Creation is a simple process just read carefully following instructions.

  • Open your browser and visit on MYIUHEALTH.COM.
  • On the home page click on “Create an Account”. Then Account Creation Form will be Appear.
  • Now, Fill-up the information in this form to register your account.
  • And Then Click on the “Submit” button.

ID Verification Question

On this page, you have to answer the id verification question. Make sure these answers will not be stored or used by this online portal. It just for your electronic identity verification to ensure your billing and health-related information.

So, Answer that Id Verification question and follow the further instructions to complete the process and jump to the next page.

Complete your profile:

Here you will create your username and password, then provide a valid email address this will associated with your My IU Health account to send you important messages regarding your health or billing information. And you have to answer here some security questions like your mother’s maiden name, your favorite musician or cartoon, etc.

Then click on the “Submit” button, now you are ready to log in and enjoy benefits.

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Edit Email Address On MyIUHealth Portal

If you want to change your email address due to any reason you can do anytime but make sure to provide a valid email address because My IU Health uses your email address to send you important messages regarding your healthcare or billing information.

Steps to change the email address.

  • First Sign in to account.
  • Click on the “My Account” tab from the top right corner.
  • Select “Update Email” from the dropdown.

Now, fill the form to update or change your email address. You have entered the following things

  • Enter your current email address.
  • Then enter your new email address after that confirm your new email.
  • Now click on the “Submit” button.

A confirmation email will be sent to your New email address, Now confirm it to change/update your New Email Address.

Willing To Delete Your Account From MyIuHealth?

You can delete your account anytime from this portal but if you will need to access My IU Health account then you will have to recreate your account with a new username.

  • The first step is to sign in to your account, then click on “My Account” tabs.
  • Then select the “Delete Account” option from the dropdown menu.

Last Words is an online web portal that connects the patient to doctors and manages their healthcare concerns. This saves time and energy for patients and makes them hassle-free to keep in touch with their doctor without going and standing up in a long queue and you can easily pay bills through this portal to your doctor or healthcare provider. But you can enjoy its benefit if your doctor or healthcare providers accept this postal service.  I hope this article will satisfy you to find out your queries.

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