Accessone Med Card Bill Payment Guide

AccessOne Medcard is helping patients to pay their health treatment bills on interest. The company charging below one percent and providing facility to pay in part payment. If you are ill and do not have money then you can take advantage of this card. Many people are taking advantage of this card and paying their bills online monthly. If You are one who doesn’t know about this facility are requested to read this article to know the actual process of taking benefits. In this post, you will know why should you use this card and the procedure of signing up to the official portal, and how can you make payments online with it.

Why Should You Use AccessOne MedCard

Nowadays, there are many people who do not have any accumulated capital. If you or any member of your family becomes highly sick, then you will face a lot of difficulty in collecting money. In such a situation, everyone looks for an alternative like a loan. In that scenario, Accessonemedcard could be a golden option for you. Now, let’s know a little bit about the MED CARD.

This Card provides the payment loan to the patients from zero to low-interest rate with the 12 to 100 months payment plan based on the balance amount.

This is very helpful for patient healthcare costs. This makes the simple way to pay health costs without any fear.

If you avail of this payment plan, it will not affect your credit score. It is founded by Russell Salton, Steve Bernard in 2002.

It is the most popular portal in the United States of America.

As it is not a credit card, but it provides a monthly payment plan for medical bills.

As I said above, many people in the united state are taking advantage of this but don’t know the procedure to pay the bill on time So, I am going to tell you the process to pay the medical bill through


First, you have to sign up to create an account.

Creating/Signing Up To Access one Medcard’s Portal

  • You must head to the official website through this link:
  • Click on the “sign up” button, you may land on the new account application page.
  • On this page, you will find a form, where you have to enter the following. Zip code. Account number.
  • Now, Click on the “Next button”.
  • After this, click on
  • Scroll down then click on the “GET ACCESS”

You will land on the login info page where you have to two things given below

  • Account Number ( mentioned on hospital bill)
  • Last Name
  • Click on the “Next button”.

Make Bill Payments With

You can just make the bill payment without logging in to your account. Just follow the steps and make your medical bill payment.

  •   Go to the official website by entering the link:
  • Here you have to enter the Email address, account number, last name.
  •  After that, you have to choose the payment type.
  •  Click on “Continue”, to make your bill payment.
  •  Provide all the detail which will be asked on the next page, and make your medical bill payment successful.

RecoverAccount Login Credential

  •  By clicking the: Password Recovery Page, you will be directly land on the page where you can reset your account.
  • You have to enter the “Account number”, and the Email address.
  •  Click on the “Send Password” button to receive an email by which you reset your password.
  • Open the email you received from the portal and follow the instruction to reset your account.

Have You Forgotten Your AccessOne MedCard Account Number?  Just Get It Back

  •  Click on the link mentioned above.
  • Click on the “Forgot Account Number”
  • Then enter your email address in the given box, to receive an email.
  •  Click on the button below.
  • Open the email and follow the instruction to get your account number.

We hope that you just got the answer about “Access one med card payment guide”, we tried our best to search and provide you with the solutions to any or all of your problems.

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