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Quickpayportal is the most used website in the United State by the patient to pay doctors and hospital bills. It is a highly secured website developed by Athena. One can easily pay bills with the help of the Quick Pay Code printed on their statement. If you don’t know about this portal or the process of payment then read this article. Here is some information about this portal and the processes of making payments online.

How Fruitful Is QuickPayPortal For You

QuickPayPortal is an online service portal to pay medical bills and it also allows patients to access their health-related information such as scheduling an appointment, prescription request, and test results, etc. It is developed and maintained by Athenahealth. All the information is highly secured. The QuickPayPortal is a successful key to saving the time and energy of the patient.

The portal is more fruitful to connect concerned doctors and patients. The patient keeps always hassle-free to pay medical bills and health records, therefore; he/she only can focus on their doctor’s advice and prescription. It is the most famous portal in the USA.

Benefits of QuickPayportal:

  • A patient can view their statement.
  • Request for the prescription.
  • He/she can schedule an appointment.
  • One can obtain a health record.
  • A patient can pay bills.
  • A obtain test result.

In case of emergency dial 911.

So, we can say that this portal is very important for our critical time. Anyone can avail of these facilities in just a few minutes.

Now the question is “how to pay medical bills using Quick Pay Portal”, so you have to register your account on Quick Pay Portal first. Don’t worry about registration because we have provided the steps in detail for you. Follow the given steps below.

How To Register Account on QuickPayPortal

  •  Firstly, you have to enter the link, on your browser’s address bar.
  •  you will see the “sign-up” button and you have to click on it.
  •  After clicking on the “sign-up button”, you will be asked to enter your email address, so you have to enter your email address in the given space.
  •  Now click on the button below.
  •  After clicking on that button, you will receive an email, and you have to follow the instructions. In that instruction, you will be asked to complete your user registration. So you have to complete it.

Now your account will be successfully created.

Procedure To Pay Bills on QuickPayPortal

We have provided the process of making payment step by step. Follow the steps and make your bill payment easily.

  •  Visit the official website of Quick Pay Portal by entering the link www.quickpayportal.com.
  •  After landing on the official website, you will be able to see the “sign-in”   button. Then you simply have to hit the “sign-in” button. Enter the details required for logging in.
  • After logging into your account, you will see the statement and the medical bill which is due.
  •  Click on the “pay” button.
  •  After clicking on that button, you will be landed on another page, where you can choose your payment method. After choosing your payment method which you prefer, provide all the details which are required for making payment.

By following these steps you will successfully make your bill payment.

Forgot Login credentials?

If you’ve forgotten your Quick Pay Portal password, you can simply retrieve it because we have given steps of the password resetting process. Follow the steps given below and reset your password easily.

  • You can directly on the password resetting page by entering manage.quickpay.net in the address bar of your browser.
  • Click on the “reset password” option that is below the login button.
  • After clicking on the “reset password” button, you will be asked to enter your email address, you have to enter it.

Now you will receive an email at your email address, then you simply have to follow the instruction. Your password will be successfully reset and you will be able to log in to your account again with your new password.

Use Quickpay Portal on Mobile Device

One Can Pay their Bill without logging in to the patient portal with the help of QuickPay Code and Mobile Device. If you want to pay a bill using Mobile Device then read the procedure given below:

  1. First, look at your statement and find the Access Code.
  2. After that, open Chrome browser and type www.quickpayportal.com
  3. Now, You will be asked to enter the access Code, Enter QuickPay Code, and click on “Continue”.
  4. After that, Your Billing summary will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Now, Click on the “Pay Now” Button.
  6. After that, You will be asked to enter the card details.
  7. Now click on the submit button.
  8. After that, Your due bill is paid and a receipt of that will be generated.

People Also ask On Quickpayportal

How to register with Quickpayportal?

One needs to have a valid email idea with patient details.

Are there any chances to recover forgot password?

Yes, the portal is user friendly and provided an option to recover the lost password. Forgot password button and you will be redirected to enter your registered email id. Then in a few minutes, you will get a link to change your password on a mail.

How to view my insurance information on the quickpayportal?

log in  == > profile ==>  Insurance information. There you will see all your information and transactions related to Insurance.

What if we face the quickpayportal login issue?

In this case, you can wait for some time due to some server issues or can try calling the customer service and clear all your queries.

Is Quickpayportal safe?

Yes, Its Safe.

We hope that we’ve provided you with enough information about the QuickPayPortal. We tried our best to provide you with full guidance.